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Immanuel's History

The congregation was founded in 1859 under the name “Immanuel Society.”
The first resident pastor of this newly-founded congregation was Pastor E. Kienow (1859 - 1863), former teacher at Watertown, WI.

A 2-acre plot was purchased to erect the church. The location was the site of the current parsonage and part of the cemetery. A church, made of logs donated by members, was erected in 1860. This building also served as a Christian Day School.

Pastor Adolph Hoenecke was Immanuel's second pastor. He served from 1863-1866. During this time a day-school was begun and the church affiliated itself with the Wisconsin Synod.

During the time of Pastor Von Scheliha (1867 - 1869), the log church became inadequate for worship. The current property (.5 acre) was purchased for $100. A new church was erected in 1868. There were 78 members.
During Pastor A. Denninger's time (1874 - 1886), Immanuel reached 146 members. A dispute arose concerning the doctrines of election and conversion. The congregation left the synod in 1883.

During Pastor Conrad S. Ide's time (1886 - 1889), a church bell was purchased, a cistern and woodshed were added to the parsonage, and there were 113 contributing members.
During Pastor F. Lanzer's time (1889 - 1903), A new organ was purchased for $165, the church was remodeled, and a new parsonage was built.

During Pastor Emil Hannemann's time (1903 - 1907), a revision of the constitution was brought about and was published in printed form.

During Pastor Theo Kliefoth's time (1907 - 1917), a Hinners organ was purchased for $915. An acre of land was purchased north of the old cemetery. On July 14, 1913 the church was struck and destroyed by lightning. On June 28, 1914, a new building at a cost of $19,902.34 was dedicated. On May 26, 1916 the Ladies’ Aid was organized with 26 members.

During Pastor A. W. Paap's time (1917 - 1949), it was war time again. In 1918 repairs were made and the steeple reduction occurred to the present form. English services were introduced. The Christian Day School flourished with 38 pupils but discontinued after 12 years.

In 1929 Sunday collections were introduced again. In 1930 a water system was installed in the parsonage. In 1934 there were two English communion services per year and two English Lenten services. It was the 75th anniversary. In 1947 the congregation voted unanimously to rejoin the Wisconsin Synod.

During Pastor Kurt Eggert's time (1950 - 1955), the Sunday school was brought into existence. In 1951 a VBS started. A new constitution was printed in booklet form. There were regular communion services on the first Sundays. An ushering system was started. A Bible class was started. An every-Sunday envelope system was adopted. A new heating system was installed and there was a remodel of the church basement.
During Pastor Franklin Dobratz's time (1955 – 1970), a two-car garage was built at the parsonage. In 1956 a hot-water heating system was installed at church. In 1959 the interior of the parsonage was modernized.

Pastor Richard Pagels (1976 – 2014) accepted call from the Apache Mission Field. He conducted worship at Marquardt Manor. In 2014 he retired from ministry after 38 years at Immanuel.

Pastor Reuben Schmitz was called to serve as assistant pastor from 2003 - 2017, although he was quite active in the congregation from the mid 1990s. 

Pastor Paul Burk was called to serve as pastor in 2014 and is grateful for the opportunity to serve God and his people at Immanuel.