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Tuition Policy

Tuition ASSISTANCE Policy
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Farmington

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church encourages its members to daily and continually lay the foundation of their children’s faith by considering a Lutheran Elementary School (LES) education. Immanuel provides tuition support for members whose children are enrolled in schools in fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).
1. Eligibility and Registration
Communicant members of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in good standing are eligible for tuition support of their children from grades 5K through 8. A registration form is required and can be requested via phone call or email to the Church Administrator or Council Chairman. A completed registration form must be submitted to the Immanuel Council Chairman or the Pastor to document intent to enroll eligible child(ren) in an eligible WELS school for the upcoming year. Given the size and expense of this program, verbal notifications are no longer accepted and will not be honored. See deadline information below.
Non-members who are in the process of becoming members of Immanuel may be eligible to receive these benefits provided they are currently taking instruction to become members or are transferring from another WELS congregation as members in good standing. Incoming members are encouraged to talk with the Pastor and/or member(s) of the Immanuel Council as early in the transfer process as possible.
2. Covered Schools, Tuition and Amount of Support
WELS affiliated schools within a 15-mile radius of Immanuel are eligible for student tuition support. Full tuition is divided into four parts:  1) The base amount covered by the parents of an enrolled child. This is determined by the tuition amount for a member family at the chosen school. 2)  The amount to be covered by Immanuel. This is the amount above the base amount up to either the full tuition amount or the Immanuel annual cap, whichever is lower. 3)  The amount above the Immanuel cap if applicable, which is paid by the family in addition to the base amount. (See next paragraph for explanation of cap.)  4)  Related fees for books, activities, learning materials, and technology, etc. Any additional fees are the responsibility of the parents and are not covered in the provided financial information. We ask you to prayerfully and carefully consider what your family can afford and to understand the financial limitations of Immanuel. It is the responsibility of the covered child’s parents to pay their portion of tuition and other fees to the school in which the child is enrolled.
Immanuel will conduct a yearly survey of total/non-member tuition and congregation member cost for each school. The maximum Immanuel contribution will be determined through use of a formula applied to the tuition charged to members of each of the respective/covered schools. As mentioned above, parents will be responsible for any additional amount above the Immanuel cap. A waiver process for exceptions and possible support above this cap has been developed. (See next paragraph.)  The cap amount will be updated in the May-June timeframe each year to allow full information prior to submission of a registration form. Tuition varies widely from school to school. Please consider speaking with multiple potential schools to understand trade-offs and pick the school that works best for your family’s goals, location, and finances. This Tuition Assistance Program is made possible only through the offerings, generosity, and stewardship of your fellow members at Immanuel and we ask that you remember this in all of your interactions related to this program.
Immanuel understands the financial struggles that families and congregations face and we also understand that no two family situations are the same.  A Waiver process will be used for potential coverage of amounts above the aforementioned Immanuel cap. Waivers may be considered for financial hardship, personal hardship, or other extenuating circumstances. The desire to discuss the Waiver process is indicated via a checkbox on the Tuition Assistance Application and will require approval of the Church Council. A discussion with the Pastor and member(s) of the Church Council will be required for approval of all Waiver requests.
3. Disenrollment/Transfer During the School Year
In the event that a family should leave either the Lutheran Elementary School or transfer from Immanuel, tuition coverage by Immanuel will be pro-rated based on the number of days attended in the partially covered school year.  Immanuel will not assume responsibility for fees or tuition payments that are incurred during disenrollment or transfer. Each family will be responsible for payment of any remaining fees and incurred payments due to disenrollment or transfer.
5)  Expectations for Practice of Faith and Participation at Immanuel
As mentioned above, eligible families must be considered members “In Good Standing” at Immanuel. Although this status is subject to personal interpretation to some degree, we ask that supported families are regularly involved in worship at and support of Immanuel Farmington. While it is impossible to provide hard and fast rules, we strongly suggest monthly worship and Communion at Immanuel as a minimum. As a congregation supporting your family, we also ask that you support Immanuel with your primary tithing efforts along with donations of time and talents whenever possible.
4. Notice of Enrollment and Submission of Forms
Registration forms are required by July 1st of each year for coverage the following school year. Waiver discussions (with Pastor and Board Members) related to possible coverage above the Immanuel payment cap amount are to be held by July 15th for the following school year. As mentioned above, verbal notification of intent to participate can no longer be honored. All Registration and Waiver consideration starts with submission of the application. All enrollment applications for Immanuel Farmington tuition support will be confirmed with either a letter of approval or with a request for more information/discussion.

Please direct any questions or concerns to our pastor or congregation president.

In His name,
Mr. Dale Naatz
Congregation President

updated 3/7/2020